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When it Comes to Roofing, We're on a Roll:

And that gives you a competitive edge. Just take a look at our high-performance EPDM. The GenFlex EPDM single-ply membrane is tough because it stands up to tears, impacts, punctures and normal roof traffic. It’s durable, offering excellent resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light exposure. And it’s reliable, maintaining elasticity and flexibility that lasts. In tech-speak, GenFlex EPDM meets all the requirements of the standard specification for EPDM, ASTM Standard D4637, making it a solid and versatile choice for your roofing applications. So let’s roll.

Roofing Challenges are Never Over our Heads:

At GenFlex, we live to tackle – and solve – the toughest challenges in roofing. The result is a full line of proven, durable roofing systems and components that provide you with quality, ease of installation and complete warranty coverage. It’s that simple. Listening and responding to the needs of our customers has kept GenFlex at the forefront of new roofing products and technologies for over 30 years. And we’re just getting started.

Options for Installation:

Fully Adhered
Fully Adhered systems are ideal for roofs with unusual or odd shaped contours, or where mechanical penetration of the membrane is not desirable, while providing exceptional wind performance and longevity. Once positioned over the substrate, the back of the membrane and the substrate are coated with GenFlex bonding adhesive, allowed to dry, carefully rolled back into position and broomed into place.

Battened-Seam system provides exceptional strength and integrity on applications where 7.5' (2.3 m) or 10' (3 m) wide GenFlex EPDM or
FRM membrane is used.  Batten Cover Tape systems use large sheets of GenFlex EPDM membrane – up to 50' x 100' (15.2 m x 30.5 m) – for large, open roof areas and appropriate decks.

Ballasted systems are perfect for installations where speed and economy are prime considerations, and the substrate is capable of supporting the system’s dead load. Slope must not exceed 2" (50.8 mm). Insulation and membrane are loose-laid with the membrane fastened only at the perimeter. Recommended ballast is smooth, water-worn rocks.

One More Thing...

We know that it is difficult to choose a contractor, but want you to understand that our biggest goal is to make you a very satisfied customer. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are not only happy with the outcome of this project, but that you will also seek us out specifically for your future projects. We know that in order to make an impression that big, we have to work for it. And we do. On every project we undertake. We look forward to working with you, and hope to hear from you soon.

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